Men's Novelty Socks: What Colour Should You Wear With Brown Shoes?

Men's Novelty Socks: What Colour Should You Wear With Brown Shoes?


When it comes to shoes, brown is a very versatile colour that gives us a lot of different shades to work with. However, picking the right colour for your novelty socks is vital, as it can make a huge difference in your overall look. Every man should know what colour socks to wear with brown shoes, whether it's for work or an event. And that's exactly why we're here to make your life easier and discuss all there is to know about men’s novelty socks and brown shoes. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find the perfect pair of socks for yourself in the process?




Navy is a classic menswear colour that goes well with a wide variety of other colours, including brown, grey, red, olive, and orange. Any man will find that combining navy socks with brown shoes is always going to lead to great results when attempting to achieve a sharp look. You can also wear navy socks with jeans and brown shoes for a more casual and contemporary aesthetic. When picking out the perfect colour for your pair of funky novelty socks, we suggest going for colours that compliment all aspects of the outfit.

Good combinations can be patterns in navy and brown colours. But this doesn’t mean your socks have to look boring, though (no offence to formal dress socks). You could also consider going for a pair of TV & Movies socks that offer plenty of colour options, including a navy blue, green, and brown combo.


Pro Tip: Choose a sock that includes the colour of your pants. This will create a visually smooth blend and elongate the leg.




We know, we know…we might be stating the obvious here, but black is considered a staple colour by many. And even though it might seem like one of the more basic colours, it doesn't mean it has to look unimaginative. For instance, you could opt for a pair of black Whiskey & Cigars socks with elements of brown and a bold design, and you're already showing off your individuality and confidence.




Orange socks offer an excellent way to add a pop of brightness and style to any look. Whether you’re going for a casual or classy outfit, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of orange socks and brown shoes. But apart from the colour, if you’re looking to add a fun element to the socks, consider wearing a funky pair of socks with orange slices. These are perfect for any occasion but especially for having a little Negroni out with your friends after a long week. Why not make pairing socks with your cocktails a trend? We’re so here for it!


Pro tip: For an extra sleek outfit, you can pair your orange socks and brown shoes with a navy or grey suit.


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