How To Wear Crazy Socks With Boots

How To Wear Crazy Socks With Boots


The opportunity to wear your favourite pair of boots as the weather changes from summer to colder seasons is one of the most exciting things about the transition. But just as much as boots are a staple item in anyone's closet, novelty socks have been making their way into the spotlight, too. So if you haven't already tried pairing boots with some funky socks, know that this could be the secret to stepping up your fashion game while making your feet more comfortable all at the same time. Sounds great, but you don’t know where to start? Not to worry, we’ve put together a short guide on how to wear your crazy socks with boots for your convenience!


The Benefits of Wearing Socks With Boots 


First of all, let’s quickly talk about why wearing socks is good for you. Socks can bring a variety of benefits to the table because they:


● Absorb and help manage moisture.

● Protect feet from blisters, calluses, and bacteria.

● Keep your feet warm.


How Do You Wear Crazy Socks With Boots?


When it comes to styling your socks with boots, there are many ways to approach it. You can switch it up based on the occasion, mood, or simply the colours of your clothes. Let's take a closer look at the types of socks that go with different boots.


Socks To Wear With Chelsea Boots


Chelsea boot is considered to be a timeless shoe and classic fashion staple. The boots got their name after a neighbourhood in London, and they are popular thanks to the polished appearance that suits both casual and formal occasions. You can match these stylish boots with a fun pair of crew socks. They will add that little extra layer and leave room for creativity through different designs. This sock and boot combo looks fantastic with cuffed trousers and skinny jeans.


Pro tip: When you wear ankle boots with socks, allow the sock to rise 2-3 inches above your boots. 


Best Socks for Tall Boots 


If you're wearing tall boots, opt for over-the-knee socks or knee-high socks, depending on the length of the boot. These socks will not only provide coverage and help keep your legs warm but also give you a chance to showcase your fun personality with the help of some crazy patterns and bold colours. 


Pro tip: Pairing your beautiful dress with boots and socks is an excellent way of showing the world both your cute side as well as the wild side. It simply looks good.


Best Socks for Combat Boots


If you're a fan of combat boots like us and you're sporting them on a regular basis, this is your sign to add some cool socks to match them. Depending on the length of your combat boots and the impact you want to make with the socks, we prefer picking between crew socks, ankle-length socks and calf-length socks. 


Pro tip: For that extra edge, consider rocking some anime socks or comic book socks.


Final Thoughts


At the end of the day, there are so many types of boots and socks out there that the choices are practically endless. The key thing to keep in mind is to not be afraid to be bold and creative with your socks. Remember - your boots may have been made for walking, but the socks are the ones that really do the talking!