5 Common Places To Find Your Missing Novelty Socks



5 Common Places To Find Your Missing Novelty Socks


The famous struggle of missing socks is all too familiar for all of us. Doesn’t matter how hard we try to keep our novelty socks in pairs, losing some over the years seems inevitable. But where do they go and does the sock monster really exist? There are a lot of theories about this global issue, and you’d be surprised to know where they can end up. Let’s find out together!


Hiding Around the Washer and Dryer


While this step may seem too obvious to be true, this is the first one we suggest taking because the expression “hidden in plain sight” couldn’t be more true when it comes to missing socks. Those little guys can easily fall out of the laundry pile when you’re moving your clothes between the washer, dryer, laundry basket, or the pile of folded clothing items. 

So it’s always a good idea to have a thorough look around the washer and dryer first.


PS, don’t forget to check behind and under the washer and dryer.


Inside Your Shoes


Now, we’re not accusing anyone here. And we know that you probably never do that. However, it can happen once (or twice) in a blue moon that you just take your shoes off along with the socks without thinking in order to free your feet as fast as possible. It doesn’t hurt to double-check!


Inside a Different Drawer  


At times, putting the laundry away might be a hassle and we don't have enough hours in the day to take our time with this tedious task. But that's also the perfect moment for things to get misplaced. Accidents do happen, and a missing sock could, in fact, not be missing at all, but in another drawer instead. It can easily end up in another family member’s laundry pile or somewhere between clothes. 


The Washing Machine Ate It


You read that right. Sometimes, the hungry washing machines are to blame. So how does that happen exactly? Well, apparently, when the washer is spinning at high speeds, socks can slip through a hole in the gasket. You know, that rubber ring in the front part of most washers that creates a seal when the door closes. They then get trapped under the metal washing basket, and that’s why we can’t find them. So make sure to look for any holes or tears inside your washing machine, as it not only eats your socks but this can also lead to water leaks and other problems.


Stuck Inside Other Clothes


Although usually, by this point, you may feel like giving up on finding your socks, why not have the last look? If your socks didn’t turn up in any other places, consider looking through your clothes. For some reason, socks love getting stuck inside other clothes. Look inside your jeans and sleeves, and you might find them hiding in there.


Bottom Line


We all lose socks every now and then. However, now that you know where to look for them, you might never have to struggle with disappearing socks again. But if you still haven’t found your missing buddy, don’t hesitate to take a look at our selection of cool socks Australia loves!