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Why Mad Socks?

As a piece of clothing worn every day, having a unique pair of socks can make you stand out from your work peers and friends. Finding custom socks that highlight your style and personality can be hard - We make it easy.

Family-Owned and based in Melbourne, Mad Socks provides individuals the opportunity to show off their personality with our wide selection of wacky and unique novelty socks in all kinds of styles, colors, themes and patterns. 


Never Worry Again - We've got enough styles to cover EVERY day of the year.


With more than 300+ styles and categories to choose from, including juicy fruits, classic patterns, vintage games, and outrageous meme socks, guaranteeing that you’ll find the perfect pair for every occasion.

Made from mix of Combed-Cotton, Nylon and spandex, our socks are soft, cushiony, itch-free, provide extra padding for your feet and most importantly - bring attention to your feet.


Express yourself through us.

Stand out and get compliments from your peers now and find a sock that expresses your personality today.

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