How To Use Cool Socks To Spice Up Your Loungewear Looks

How To Use Cool Socks To Spice Up Your Loungewear Looks


Loungewear was the biggest trend of 2020 for obvious reasons. Cosy and casual fashion is still going strong well into the new year, and one of the best ways to breathe new life into your beloved sweat sets is by adding cool socks. Loungewear styles are usually quite simple, so a pair of Mad Socks in a bright colour or quirky print makes for the perfect accessory.


Cool Socks With Neutral Loungewear


The great thing about neutrals is that they make an excellent base for just about any colour. You can keep things simple and add interest with just the print of the sock, or use your socks to inject a whole lot of colour to your outfit. Either way, your neutral look will become so much more interesting with the simplest of additions.


Cool Socks With Colourful Loungewear


Mad Socks are a dream for those that aren’t afraid of colour and boldness! If you prefer colourful loungewear, you can make them even more interesting by going for a head-to-toe coloured look. The monochromatic look is all the rage right now, and all it means is matching your socks to the rest of your clothes. Alternatively, you can simply choose socks in a complementary colour. 


Cool Socks With Printed Loungewear


Are you still crazy for tie-dye loungewear? Don’t think you can’t add cool socks to the mix as well. Those that really want to be bold will be up for mixing prints. The trick is to choose socks in a similar colour palette. If you’re not quite ready to try mixed prints but you still want to wear cool socks you can choose a style with a single graphic


Use Cool Socks To Match Your Mood


If you’re wearing loungewear, chances are you’re having a relaxing day or running casual errands. You can use cool socks to match the theme of your day for a cute twist. If you’re having a Netflix binge session or a marathon of your favourite film series you can go all out with movie socks. Meeting up with friends for a casual coffee? Show off your appreciation for caffeine with coffeepedia socks. Getting in touch with your creative side? Find inspiration by simply looking down with a classic art print like Starry Night or the Girl With The Pearl Earring. If we wear themed socks and jumpers for Christmas, why shouldn’t we wear them for other occasions too? 


Cosy and comfortable loungewear goes hand in hand with socks, so why not make the most of it and choose a fun pair?