How to Make a Fashion Statement With Funky Socks

How to Make a Fashion Statement With Funky Socks


When it comes to making a memorable impression, the details are what set you apart. When you sport a dazzling pair of socks, you instantly look like you don't settle for the basics, and you let your imagination add colour to your day. So why not let your personality shine and also make a statement? Read on to find out how you can make a fashion statement with funky socks.


What Is a Fashion Statement?


A fashion statement is something worn that catches people's eye first. Simply put, it’s the centrepiece of your whole outfit that immediately stands out. Although it can be any accessory or clothing item, it's becoming more and more apparent that statement socks are the way to go. So how exactly do you make your socks a fashion statement?


Keep It Simple 


Some people prefer their funky pair to be more of an additional feature of their ensemble rather than the main element. However, if you’re like us and want to make your cool socks a statement feature of your whole look, we’d like to suggest keeping the outfit simple. By wearing one item that’s more eye-catching than others, your socks are guaranteed to pop.


Pro tip: Jeans, shorts, sweaters, T-shirts, and earthy tones are a few great options to pair funky socks with.


There’s No Such Thing as "Too Bold" 


We’re strong believers that when it comes to picking a pair of socks, there’s no such thing as "too bold." They’re not exactly in anyone’s face but rather all the way down on your feet. So when your awesome socks are partly covered with shoes, they already need to make that extra effort to stand out. Go for crazy patterns and vibrant colours that are instantly visible. Yellow socks with avocados on them? We approve!


Find the Right Pair of Shoes


It’s no secret that shoes can make or break an outfit. After all, Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can literally change your life. Well, that’s if you take folk tales as seriously as we do.

The main rule of thumb is to pair your fun socks with a shoe that will help bring out their colour and pattern. If you want your socks to make everyone aware of their arrival, we'd go for shoes in neutral tones. 


For instance, if you want to show your wild side and opt for bright red socks, you can match them with a darker shoe. However, the great thing about socks is that they go with many types of shoes. Whether it's dress shoes, sneakers, or grungy boots, your colourful pair will complete them, without a doubt.


Bottom Line


Whether you want to add a personal touch to your style for a night out or spice up your work attire, you can’t go wrong with funky socks. Besides, we can’t deny that it’s also fun. Are you ready to add an edge to your look? Check out all of our styles and pick your favourites!