How Colourful Socks Can Make Us Happy


How Colourful Socks Can Make Us Happy


Researchers have shown that using positive words in our workplace can have a very real and measurable effect on how we feel. But what if you don’t work in an office? What if your day-to-day is made up of things like running errands, going to the grocery store, or taking care of kids? Well, it turns out that there are plenty of easy things we can do in our everyday lives to increase happiness and well-being. And one thing that has been shown to make a real difference is something as simple as wearing colourful socks. Curious to find out more? Read on!


Wearing Colourful Socks to Work


Studies show that when we wear brightly coloured socks to work or during the day, it makes us appear more ambitious, competent, and successful. This was mainly related to eccentric and crazy socks showing nonconformist behaviour. In addition to that, research has also shown that there are some colours, such as red, that make people feel more energised. Simply put, different patterns and colours have an undeniable effect on us and our work performance.


Colours Impact Your Mood


If you visit a company and the employees have colourful socks, you should know that they are happy. But why? One study found that people's mood significantly improved after seeing a pair of cheerful socks. They also found a correlation between the colours and the mood, for example, yellow makes us more optimistic, green calms us down, and blue is usually related to happiness. Who knew it was this easy?


They Can Make You More Confident


Socialising can be a contributing factor to our happiness on a day to day basis. Many people have reported that when they wear funky socks, other people tend to give them compliments. And, well, who doesn’t love a compliment? Not only does it make you feel good and lighten up your day, but it can also be an excellent ice breaker in a conversation and make you look approachable. In turn, you’ll notice more confidence in yourself and your interactions with people, which is always great. If you combine all of this, a pair of colourful socks can play quite the role in your everyday happiness, without a doubt.


They Bring You Comfort


As you may have noticed, comfort and happiness go hand in hand. Whenever a person feels uncomfortable, whether it’s physically or mentally, they’re likely not feeling very happy. Socks make your feet physically comfortable, which is vital since we use our feet each and every day to carry out different activities. And based on your needs, you have different materials to choose from that can make a huge difference in how your feet feel. 


But aside from the physical comfort, a nice pair of fun socks can also bring you emotional comfort. That’s because there are no limits to how personal you can make them. For instance, are doughnuts your comfort food? If that’s the case, perhaps wearing doughnut socks during a boring day at work will make you feel good and elevate your mood. Or maybe you have a pug waiting for you at home, and you want to have something with you to remind you of your four-legged best mate.


Bottom Line


You can see how funky socks can make us happy - they bring comfort, improve our moods, and can even make us feel more confident. It's time to find your favourite colourful socks and let them brighten up your life.


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