Funky Socks for Women: How To Pick the Right Pair for Mother’s Day

Funky Socks for Women: How To Pick the Right Pair for Mother’s Day


When Mother’s Day rolls around, we all want to give our moms the perfect gift as a token of love and show them how mom-believably amazing they really are. Now, there are many excellent gift ideas, but our personal favourite is... you guessed it - socks. They can be a gift on their own or a super fun addition to a bigger present. Whatever the case, if picked right, they’re guaranteed to be memorable.


So without further ado, let’s take a look at some tips on how to pick the best pair of socks for your mama bear!


Think of Her Favourite Drink or Food


If you’re feeling a bit lost and unsure about what kind of socks your mom would like, food and beverage themed socks are always a good bet. Who doesn’t have a preferred drink or snack?


  • These super fun Rosé socks or Wine Lover socks couldn’t be more perfect for a wine enthusiast. You could combine them with a bottle of good wine, a set of fancy wine glasses, or a book about wines, and you’ll have the perfect present any wine lover will appreciate.


  • Perhaps she can’t live without coffee? If that’s the case, your mom will love a pair of coffee-themed socks. To complete the gift, you can consider pairing these fun socks with a selection of specialty coffees or a personalised mug.


  • Whether your mom is a total foodie or she simply cooks the most delicious foods in the world, you really can’t go wrong with food-themed socks. For instance, if she loves Japanese food, you can get her a pair of socks with sushi or udon designs, along with two months of free Japanese food from her favourite restaurant delivered to her home.


Things She Loves & Favourite Hobbies


  • If your mom is a proud pet owner or an animal lover, she will, without a doubt, fall in love with funky animal socks. Not only will these socks give her an opportunity to show her love for animals but also show her sweet and, at the same time, fun side to the world.


  • Plants & Gardening. If your mom loves gardening and spending time with plants, floral socks will be an excellent choice. And by the way, they would look amazing with red, white or black crocs when gardening!


  • Does your mom create or simply love beautiful art? If so, these Mona Lisa socks could be the perfect gift for her. If you’re not feeling convinced, you can always consider other types of art socks and find the right fit.


Bottom Line


If you put your heart into picking the right pair, socks can be a great way to add a personal touch to any gift. With so many different patterns and colours, you're guaranteed to find something for your mama.


Curious to see more options? Have a look through our wide collection of women's socks to find the best socks for Mother's Day!