Christmas Gift Guide: Funky Novelty Socks

Christmas Gift Guide: Funky Novelty Socks


Once the most wonderful time of the year rolls around, the main question stuck in everyone’s head is: “What presents should I buy?”


You’ll find that sometimes, it’s difficult to even come up with something unforgettable for your loved ones and it’s especially challenging when you need to get a present for your colleague at work for Secret Santa. We’ve all been there, and from our personal experience, you just can’t go wrong with funky socks. But with so many awesome options, you might be wondering which socks to go for. And that’s exactly why we’ve put together a list of the ultimate Christmas gift guide for you. Read on because there are plenty to consider!


Christmas Socks


Let’s be honest - nothing beats Christmas themed socks, and that’s why they’re sitting comfortably at the top of our list. They offer a great way to celebrate the festive season and get into the Christmas spirit. You can pair them with an awesome Christmas jumper or simply wear them as a statement piece with any clothing. They will definitely put a smile on any resting Grinch face!


Take a look at some of our favourite designs:


●     Elf Christmas Socks: These socks feature the traditional argyle design in classic Christmas colours.

●     Ginger Bread Christmas Socks: Nothing screams “Christmas” like gingerbread and candy cane. A fantastic option for Christmas fanatics!

●     Spirit Animals Christmas Socks: This pair features beautiful Christmas elements and vibrant colours, and helps channel the Christmas spirit in style.


Animal Socks


If the person you want to find awesome socks for is an animal lover, then socks with animal print will be the best option for you. All pet owners would be happy to have something that reminds them of their favourite animals wherever they go.


Here are some to consider:


●     Ultimate Cat Lover Socks Bundle: With this bundle, you'll get five pairs with fun and quirky cat prints. What’s not to love?

●     Ultimate Dog Lover Socks Bundle: Why spend time picking out one pair when you can get a bundle of five awesome pairs that any dog lover is guaranteed to love?

●     Animal Socks Flamingo Love: If you're looking for something funky and bright, then you can't go wrong with these super cool socks with pink flamingos.


Hobby Socks


Everyone has hobbies, and the person you want to find a gift for is no exception. Whether they’re into science, rugby or painting, there’s something for everyone. And there’s no better way to make the gift personal than to include their favourite hobby in it.


Check out these popular hobby socks:


●     Beverage Socks Bring Me Coffee: This pair is perfect for a coffee lover in your life.

●     Hobby Poker Socks: These poker-themed socks are a great gift for poker players, and you can give them in two colours, so they can pick a different pair depending on the day.

●     Hobby Socks Jamming Queen: This pair of socks was inspired by Queen, and it's the ultimate present for a musician.


Bottom Line


Socks make for a very fun and personal present. There are so many styles and designs to choose from and we’re sure they will bring a smile to anyone’s face who is on the receiving end.


Do you want to browse around to find more unique styles? You’re in the right place. Mad Socks Australia has a wide range of funky novelty socks for women and men. Pick your favourite!