Celebrate Labour Day With Funky Socks

In today’s world, the 8-hour workday might be something we’re used to already. However, that wasn't always the case in the past. Over time, the need for workers to have a healthier lifestyle and to be empowered grew, as workers are vital for the growth of the country. Labour Day recognises and celebrates exactly that. And there is a fun way to honour this special day - by putting on a pair of funky socks. In this article, we are taking a look at some of the best socks to rock on Labour Day in Australia!

What is Labour Day in Australia?

Before we take a look at all the awesome socks you can wear on Labour Day, let's quickly talk about what Labour Day is in Australia and where it came from. This special day marks the accomplishments of labour and unions to enforce the eight-hour day around the nineteenth century. Why is this important? Well, previously workers were required to work 10 to 12 hours a day for six days a week. That's a huge change that is part of our society even now. And that's definitely a good cause for celebration!

The Best Socks for Labour Day Celebrations

Funky novelty socks offer a fantastic way to celebrate Labour Day and add a touch of fun to the national holiday. Who said Labour Day has to be serious?

Occupation Socks

On this national day of workers, we love fun socks that celebrate your occupation, profession or career. Whatever it is you do for a living, you should take pride in what you do. And there’s no better day to showcase your professional talents than Labour Day. Here are some of the many awesome occupation socks you could consider getting for yourself and your friends:

Cocktail Socks: This pair of quirky beverage socks is a must-have for all bartenders who love what they do.

Doctor Tool Kit Socks: If you are a doctor or a nurse, or have a friend or family member in the medical field, these socks are perfect for you or the special people in your life.

The Kiss Art Socks: These art socks with the famous masterpiece were made for painters, graphic designers, and all other visual creatives.

Funny Socks

If you’re one of those people who need to work on Labour Day, it doesn't mean you can't celebrate it. Why not rock a pair of fun socks at work and bring a smile to your favourite co-worker’s face? We adore funny prints on socks, such as our Bring Wine to Work Meme Socks (PS, we don’t take any responsibility for what these socks might inspire your colleagues to do on this special workday).

Patriotic Socks

Take part in the historical Labour Day parade with these patriotic socks to commemorate Australian workers who campaigned to make the 8-hour day without salary cuts happen. There's no better way to celebrate their efforts than to wear fun socks with the Australian flag all over them!

Bottom Line

Whether it’s for yourself or for someone special in your life, it’s hard to go wrong with fun socks on Labour Day. They are guaranteed to put the person who wears them in a good mood and give them an opportunity to enjoy the holiday in style and comfort!