A Gentleman's Guide To Men’s Novelty Socks

A Gentleman's Guide To Men’s Novelty Socks

The humble sock can be found in sock drawers across the world, often in pairs, sometimes oddly alone but one thing is for sure they are in abundance. Once overlooked, has been revived as it has become a staple part of the gentleman’s wardrobe. They say socks are the mark of a man, so at Mad Socks, we say the bolder, the better.

When you purchase a pair of socks, comfortability should always still be a key decider, and luckily the sock guru’s at Mad Socks have you covered. Mad Sock’s premium socks combine comfort and quality with elegance and style. Socks are no longer purely for function, with an array of patterns and colours to choose from they have become a fundamental part of a gentleman’s style.


We have socks to suit every type of gentleman

Regardless of your personal style, we have socks to suit every type of gentleman. Whether you are suit-wearing or prefer sporting shorts, chinos or jeans; socks are the accessories that tie the outfit together and inject a personality and colour into your looks. Whether you are daring and fashion-forward or prefer the traditional and classic look, we have an abundance of fun and stylish socks for you.

Never underestimate the power novelty socks have in tying an outfit together. Often in the workplace, a gentleman has to wear simple and classic office attire, the humble sock comes in handy for those wanting to convey a little bit of a rebellious spirit. The bolder and brighter the better, as you let those who notice get insight into your quirkiness, wit and charm. As they say, non-conformity is the perfect way to assert status, power and self-assurance.


Novelty socks come in just about every colour

Socks remain one of the most cost-effective ways to update a gentleman’s wardrobe. Each season can be matched with a new style all the while injecting a little personality into each outfit. Now, how you wear novelty socks is up to you, but we will let you in on a bit of a secret, they go perfectly with just about every type of shoe! Whether it be sneakers, loafers, dress shoes, boots or even socks and sandals. As novelty socks come in just about every colour, print and pattern you can think of, they are able to be the missing puzzle piece for about every outfit.

The best thing about Mad Socks is that when it comes to finding a sock for your look, we have a sock for everyone. Whether you like to keep it simile with patterns or are more daring and bold and want to show off your interests, whether you are into comics, food, animals or art, with over 300 pairs of socks to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find the right pair (or two) of socks for you. For gentlemen, novelty socks provide the perfect vice to show off your personality and add some spice to your outfit, so what are you waiting for? Jump onto Mad Socks, sock shop and find yours today.