4 Hacks To Keep Your No Show Socks in Place

4 Hacks To Keep Your No Show Socks in Place

In a nutshell, no show socks are socks that stay hidden under the shoe. They can be comfortable and stylish, but they are known for having one problem: they have a tendency to slip down the foot throughout the day. So, how does one keep no show socks in place? Read on and find out!

1. Pick the Right Size

One of the most important tips is to make sure you get the right size for your foot. The sock is almost guaranteed to slide off your foot if the size is not correct. If the socks are too small, they will not cover the entire heel and will simply come off, clumping around your toes. Socks that are too big will slip off due to friction with the walls of the shoes. We know how annoying that is. A well-fitting sock will conform to your foot without any extra fabric or tugging. Why can't they just get along, right?

2. Buy Socks With Silicone Grips

Our personal favourites are no show socks with silicone grips. While this is not a must, it's vital nonetheless. If your no show sock doesn't have a grip on the inside of the back edge, it can struggle to remain in place. And the best thing is that even when you're working out or running errands, the silicone strip usually stays put on your skin and helps keep the sock from sliding down.

Pro tip: If your silicone-grip socks start to slide off your foot, you might need to clean the grips to make sure they stick. Also, ensure that the surface that the grip holds to is dry so it can do its job effectively!

3. Add a DIY Sock Grip

Do you already have a favourite pair of no show socks that don't have silicone grips? Or perhaps you fell in love with a pair of awesome socks that don't have them? Not to worry, we've got you covered! This tip will involve you being hands-on and a tool that millions swear by - fashion tape. Who doesn't love a bit of DIY?

Step 1. Fold your sock down and set the tape on your ankle, placing it where the sock will sit.

Step 2. Put your sock on the heel and rub it to make it stick to the tape.

Step 3. Put on your shoes and enjoy a wonderful day without fighting with your socks.

Yes… It’s that easy!

4. Get Socks With Elastic Linings

Socks with a high-quality elastic lining are less likely to lose elasticity around the edge even after regular use and washing. That said, the importance of correct sizing we mentioned above still applies.

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